Frequently Asked Questions

Travellers often have similar queries, so please find answers to commonly-asked questions below. Alternatively please view our polices or contact us.

What time is check in/check out?

Check-in time is from 2pm and check-out time is 10am. Where possible, flexibility with early check-in and late check-out will be provided, however, these are unable to be guaranteed. The facilities of the lodge are available for enjoyment whilst at the property. The reservations desk is open 7am-9:30pm daily.

Are you wheelchair friendly?

Unfortunately not, we have a lot of steps around the lodge

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, no, we ask guests to leave their pets at home.

Do you offer long-term stays?

Yes we do. We also offer discounted rates for bookings of 10 days or more.

Do you offer pensioners rates?

Yes we do. We offer discounted rates to pensioners upon request. Please contact our reception desk.


Feel free to contact us for any questions and queries

031 903 7227